Coming soon from Transient Labs… RarePass with SuperRare, State of the Art with ThankYouX, Looking In with Snuffy, Art Basel activations announced soon.
Coming soon from Transient Labs… RarePass with SuperRare, State of the Art with ThankYouX, Looking In with Snuffy, Art Basel activations announced soon.

Transient Labs is the premier innovation platform for web3 creators, projects, and ecosystems around the world. Our mission is to unlock the potential of blockchain and smart contract technology, and redefine what ownership means now and in the future.

Traffic Jams 
By Brian Brinkman x Rich Caldwell
The Shatter Contract™
Hidden Stories
By Michelle Viljoen
The Story Contract™
In Bloom
By Jeremy Cowart
Interface of Perception
By Luis Ponce
Dynamic NFT with secret unlocks
Drip Drop
By Dave Krugman
Computational vision based rarity model
Shattered Opportunities
by Tim Maxwell
The Shatter Contract
Loma Blanca
by Ty Lekki
360 VR NFT
Sold on SuperRare

Introducing The Lab, our no-code innovation platform for creators, projects, and brands in Web3.

Enter the Lab


Custom Smart Contracts

From large collections to 1/1 NFTs, we offer custom
ERC-721 and ERC-1155 smart contracts. Past contracts include fully optimized airdrops, merkle claims, and Chainlink VRF for on-chain randomization. All Transient Labs contracts are rigorously tested for security and optimized for gas efficiency. Every smart contract is an opportunity to innovate.

Strategy & Creative

We provide strategy and creative direction for creators, brands and platforms seeking to take their concepts to the next level. From concept genesis to Smart Contract audits, we become a part of your team and help you reach the outcome you’re after.

Web3 Services

We provide a full suite of Web3 tooling and services including mint pages, token-gated communities, allowlists and de-botting capabilities to help you achieve your goals.

Memberships and Subscriptions

We build membership and subscription tokens for projects, communities and businesses. Traditionally a “Web2” model, these utilities are becoming more relevant each day in Web3.

Dynamic & Interactive NFTs

An overwhelming majority of NFTs on the market currently consist of what we call passive metadata (i.e. jpegs, mp4s). Dynamic NFTs on the other hand, can change state based on external factors (real world data, events, etc.). They can also be manipulated by the viewer, providing a highly unique interactive experience.

Contact Us
Ben Strauss
Ben is a former aerospace engineer, and also a noted photographer and NFT creator with collectors all over the world. Ben leads the creator programs and the services side of the business.
Marco Peyfuss (@mpeyfuss)
Marco is a former automotive and aerospace engineer who leads the tech side of Transient Labs. He is focused on forging new paths for ownership and innovation in smart contracts.
Chris Ostoich (@chrisostoich)
Chief Operating Officer
Chris is a career entrepreneur having led more than 10 companies across SaaS, global events, and celebrity ventures. Also an avid art collector, he is responsible for scaling and operational efforts at TL.
Daniel Volkov (@daniel100eth)
Director of Operations
Daniel is a Web3 protege, having started his career at 17 and traded his way into Web3 history. He leads internal and artist operations and Transient Labs marketing and media.