[ 01 ] PRODUCT Stacks revolutionizes the sales process within The Lab, enabling creators to independently build and publish their own mint pages. It supports the release of editions using ERC1155 or the creation of unique 1/1/X collections through ERC721 contracts. This innovative product offers creators an unprecedented way to showcase and sell their work without the hassle of indexing their contracts on external marketplaces, facilitating a direct sales pathway with a 0% creator fee structure.

Imagine That

[ 02 ] Features


Have an edition you want to sell? Stacks supports the creation of 1155 mint pages. Choose from open, timed, or new dynamic minting options.

Doppelgänger (Coming soon…): Change your editions game by creating mint pages for your multi-metadata Doppelgänger editions.

1/1/x Collections

Create an amazing minting experience for your 1/1/x collections on your own 721 contract.

ERC7160TL (Coming soon…): Change your 1/1/x game by creating mint pages for your multi-metadata 7160 collections.

Limited Supply Mints

Sometimes scarcity is the way to go. Set a supply limit for any of your mints, 1155 editions or 721 collections.

Timed Mints

Let time and demand determine the supply for a given mint, as Stacks supports a wide range of timed options.

Dynamic Mint Mechanics

Enhance your timed-edition mints with innovative mechanics like Velocity and Marathon minting. Velocity mints accelerate the clock with each mint, fostering excitement and urgency. Marathon mints extend the timer per mint, allowing demand to shape supply.

Multi-Phase Mints

Stacks enables creators to reward collectors and communities with two-phase mints, comprising a presale and public phase that automatically transition one into the next. Each phase offers customizable durations, wallet limits, and pricing.


Limit your presale minting phase to a curated list of addresses, rewarding your collectors and community. You can also set mint limits for your allowlisted addresses.

Wallet Minting Limits

Set a limit to how many pieces each unique wallet address can mint.

Customizable Mint Pages

Stacks v1 empowers creators to tailor their mint pages with project descriptions, detailed content sections, an FAQ section, and social links. You can even preview how your mint page experience will look on mobile!


We’re always thinking of ways to help our creators get the word out on their projects. After publishing your Stacks page, discover multiple methods to share your mint, including soon-to-be-available Farcaster Frames, designed to widen your project's reach and engagement.
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