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Stacks is a platform built by creators for creators to power edition drops with the most comprehensive solution available. Mint sites, custom 1155 and 721 edition contracts and allowlist features all in one place.

Product Features

1155 & 721 Editions

STACKS offers creators an all-in-one solution to design, launch and manage an edition drop. We've built the platform to give you a customized and branded experience for your collectors, multiple options for edition mechanics and powerful allowlist capabilities - all in one place.

Some highlights:

  • Timed open edition mints: true open edition mints, in a specified period of time. An OE staple.
  • Timed limited edition mint: time-based mints with a supply cap.
  • Limited edition mints: set a cap and you're all set, or keep the supply exclusive to an allowlisted group of collectors
  • Burndown / velocity mints: a Transient Labs special, set up your drop so that every time a piece is minted, a minute is removed from the timer. The velocity can be customized any way you wish.

Custom Mint page

Gone are the days of a static mint site for every claim, drop and mint. Choose from a series of customizable designs and make your mint site your visual canvas.


We made it simple to reward your best collectors with powerful allowlist functionality. Want to let everyone in? Great. Want to keep it to a specific group? Easy. Your allowlist - at your fingertips.

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